My high level group and 1:1 coaching program for high performers who want to leverage FUN as their success strategy.


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You’re mentally and emotionally drained by the end of the week 

You want to reach success faster but also get spooked with how fast time is going by and want to slow it down

You have a ton of creative ideas but don’t have capacity to execute more

“It’s lonely at the top” is getting real: you don’t have friends you see regularl that fully understand you

You do a lot of tasks you don’t want to do and don’t even know why you’re still doing them



Improve work performance and efficiency

Lead with confidence and authenticity 

Feel more conencted with yourself and others

Have absurd amounts of fun building wealth and impact

Take leaps into your vision of high level leadership, passive income, and global travel


Satisfied to LIMITLESS with the FUN Method

Clarity on the Vision

Find Your Zone of Genius

Leverage the 3 Fun Pillars: Connection, Creativity. & Play

Reprogram your Subconscious to Overcome Challenges and Create Success



  • Monthly 60-90 min 1:1 Intensive Deep Dive Sessions with Kari 
  • Weekly group sessions  
  • Direct SMS access to Kari M-F 
  • Energy Leadership Assessments 
  • Exclusive community access


The last couple of months I have had so much of my BS called out. In loving ways but also in convicting ways. It has been super eye opening to see my cycles and upper limits. To understand them and analyze them from an eagle eye perspective. My ego has def kept trying to come in the way but ultimately with your care and guidance we’ve been able to really let go and move on from what was holding me back.

My confidence and discernment to make the right decisions has increased for sure!

Sirena A.

Kari doesn’t sit there and tell me what to do, but rather give me the tools and skills to figure those things out on my own. She never makes me feel like I failed or disappointed her and reminds me that growth isn’t linear. It takes time and practice. I am not letting anyone down, working with Kari may be the best money I have ever invested. I highly recommend.

Kamryn G.

I’ve been coaching for over 2 years now and have a successful online and in person business. HOWEVER – it has never felt so easy. I absolutely love being an entrepreneur and the freedom that comes with it, but being tied up in the mundane tasks tends to distract me from my BIG vision. Once I got through the blocks of “am I worth investing in? Not my business, but ME?” and started working with Kari, everything changed. More ease in my day to day workflow, more business ideas, more clarity on HOW vs. just the WHAT. She showed me how it gets to be not effortless, but easy, fun, exciting, and most of all, I love our calls. She absolutely LIGHTSSSS me up and it’s the happy, high vibe, grounded and intentional energy that I have been searching for to feel safe growing my business while growing my relationship with allowing it to be fun.

Brenna D.

Shifting my intentions to have more fun felt uncomfortable at first but I’ve seen the most personal and business growth when I’m practicing. I am more energetic, charged, and radiant after a weekend of fun compared to a weekend of grind that usually led to burnout.

Tanasia D.

People need someone that’s on their side whole heartedly and believes in them the way you do as my life coach. They might not realize right away that they need it but this connection has changed my life and I didn’t know I needed someone to hold that space for me and give me permission to figure it all out.

Our call today was eveyrthing for me Kari I appreciate you so much. It’s been a really heavy few weeks with so much awesomeness sprinkled into the mix. I really needed that space today to unpack everything I’ve been feeling. My usupport system is so amazing but no other space makes me feel as understood and seen as you do.

Katie C.

I have a ton of energy now! Thank you for not letting me get away with my own bullshit. You have helped me grow so much.

Kamryn G.

Okay first off I just want to say THANK YOU! The clarity I have is insane after just 1 call with you girl!! I never would of been able to see what was really holding me back if we wouldn’t have had that session. My biggest takeaway was you explaining how procrastination is a form of my old corporate job mindset trying to pull me back from my new entrepreneur driven mindset so I get stuck in the middle which led to confusion and me wondering what’s wrong with myself. But instead my brain is trying to step into this new version of myself. Once you put it into words like that I was able to realize and work through 2 situations that would have absolutely crushed me but now that I have that clarity I was able to WORK THROUGH them within like 5 minutes girl which is honestly life changing to my mental health and business.

Julia M.