Kari Esmail

Founder + Life Coach

Hey there, 

I’m so glad you somehow, someway landed on this page today. Some may call it coincidence, but I believe in divine timing.

From middle school soccer, to my first job as a hairstylist, to personal training, to life coaching – my purpose has always been to empower women to reach new levels of confidence, joy and success. 

At the age of 19 I faced trials that left me insecure, unhealthily thin, and desperately in need of an emotional outlet. Thankfully, I chose an outlet that launched me forward in my personal growth and career – fitness. I very quickly grew to love the confidence and mental and physical strength that I experienced in the gym. 

I felt called to help other women experience this kind of growth, so in 2017 KAMfit Training was born. In 2021, our team grew by one wonderful woman and coach you’ll see below. 

Overtime my style of coaching evolved from fitness, to fitness and lifestyle, to life coaching. I spent the year of 2022 becoming a Certified Professional Coach, developing skills that can lead any unique individual to success. I believe we all hold the potential to cultivate abundance in ALL areas of life, and my mission is to help women develop that potential and optimize their lives. 

Being a young female entrepreneur, my heart resonates with those on the same pursuit to pave their way within the working world. I understand the struggles and know first hand how powerful it is to have a designated space to process thoughts, gain clarity, get inspired, feeling supported and encouraged, and held accountable. 

I’m so grateful for each one of the hundreds of women who have trusted us in their journeys. They have grown and achieved so much, and I want you to know that if they can do it.. so can you. 


Kari Esmail 


Tanasia Dejesus

Fitness Coach

Everything that I teach my coaching clients who are looking to transform their fitness, lifestyle and mindset can be understood through my experience starting my health and fitness journey 2 years ago.

During the COVID-19 pandemic I was furloughed from my full-time job. At the time, what I thought was a problem, but it was a blessing in disguise. I was a work-aholic who was so passionate about helping others that I would risk my own life to save theirs.

I have always lived an active lifestyle and known how to lift weights properly, but I chose to prioritize work instead of my mental and physical health. It was one of the scariest times of my life. Gyms were closed and I had a lot of time on my hands, so I promised myself that I would learn more about my body and how to keep it safe, happy and healthy. I reached out to Kari because I knew that if I was committed to being successful, I needed to ask for help.

Here I am 2 years later, living a life that is for me, and me only.

During my journey I…

– Learned the importance of resistance and strength training and healthy eating

– Learned to fuel my body and live with energy instead of fatigue

– Successfully “healed” my chronic migraines with lifestyle changes

– Learned to manage my anxiety and depression

– Completely changed my body composition by learning how to build muscle and “cut” through a caloric deficit

– Shed toxic relationships and connected with people who uplifted me

– Quit my toxic job and became an entrepreneur with my bestie

– Moved out of my small town to my own apartment 15 minutes outside of NYC

– Learned how to be confident, consistent, disciplined, empowered, and more ME than I ever have been

And now I’m helping other women do the same.

My fitness, lifestyle and mindset evolved at a level I didn’t know was even possible because I stepped out of the box that I kept myself in. I started to take ownership for my actions, feelings, and life. I learned to validate myself, make really hard decisions that would create a person I found worthy enough to not compare to others.

 Each person is unique which is why at KAMfit Training you won’t receive a cookie cutter program that you can find on IG to reach your goals. As a coach, I take the time to learn about you, your body, your habits, your thought process, and your goals so we can pave YOUR unique path to success, together.


Coach Tanasia



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