Kari Esmail

Founder + Life Coach


I’m Kari and I’m so grateful you’re here 🙂 I’ve been on fire for empowering women to pursue their dreams and maximize their potential since I was a little girl on the soccer field chanting “confidence is key, girls!”  

I started my career journey at age 19 as a hairstylist because I LOVE connecting with all kinds of people and making others feel good about themselves. For the same reasons, I became a personal trainer a few years later. During the 2020 pandemic I retired as a stylist and took fitness coaching full time with my virtual company, “KAMfit Training.”

Over the next couple years I noticed that my clients’ transformations were always a result of the mindset work we did together, so I leaned into this strength and received my training at the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) and became an ICF Certified Coach in 2022. 

Guiding women to the answers they hold within and helping them use them to create a new reality is my true zone of genius and I LOVE every minute of it. 

Today I’m known as “The Fun Coach” because I help entrepreneurs and high achievers reach their goals faster by leveraging fun and fulfilling activities – the biggest WIN-WIN ever!! 

My mission is to use coaching, writing and speaking to liberate as many people as possible from hustle culture and bring them onto the fun side of success 😉 I hope YOU join us, too! 


Kari Esmail

Tanasia DeJesus

Fitness Coach

Hey lovely!

Coach Tanasia here, if you told me in 2021 that losing my university job would have triggered the biggest transformation of my life, I wouldn’t have believed you. Serving others is written in my DNA, it’s one of the main reasons I neglected my own health and fitness for the longest time.  As a stubborn perfectionist, eternal student and certified workaholic, burnout was my middle name and the feelings of guilt, shame and being my biggest critic was unavoidable. 

When I was furloughed from my job with no promise to be rehired, I was forced to take a long, hard look at my unsustainable lifestyle and declining mental health. I went to college to become a licensed and certified athletic trainer, but the curriculum forgot to add a course on how to take care of yourself in the process of looking after a million other athletes.

This is where mentorship and messy action comes into play. I knew that if I wanted to lay a solid foundation of self-care down before the world opened back up, I couldn’t do it alone. With no income I hired Kari as my fitness coach and learned to no longer stand in my own way. 

I gained more during the process that just muscles and confidence, I…

–       Healed my mental health.

–       Healed my chronic migraines.

–       Healed my relationship with food and kicked my disordered eating to the curb.

–       Learned how to set boundaries with myself and others.

–       Learned how to set goals and stick to them.

–       Developed a fitness, mindset, and lifestyle routine so sustainable that I am still practicing to years later.

Today I guide women on similar paths towards freedom from internal and external pressure and guilt. Hearing that sigh of relief my clients have when they realize that where they want to be is not too far away, is incredible every time.

My mission is to validate the hard working, slightly stubborn, big-hearted women in the world and empower them to create a healthy lifestyle that is unique and in full alignment with the sexiest, most confident version of themselves. I hope you are her and that I get the pleasure of welcoming you into our community of like minded, driven women!





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