A Bubble to be Popped

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Hey Queen, 

I invite you to come back here when the growth becomes scary. When you are unsettled and tempted to retreat to old patterns and realities, remember that the space above is not just a foreign land, but it is home. It is calling you, it is safe. 

Keep floating up. 


There is zest for tomorrow. 

I’m free flowing, present, trusting. 

I move forward like a rushing wind, plucking and collecting possibilities,

wonder gleaming in my eyes. 

I nurture these possibilities lovingly,

I believe in them.


I am floating up it seems, untethered by the weight of the world.

There is nothing to look back at as fluffy clouds roll by, gently brushing my arms and cheeks. 

I am safe, I am being carried home and the ride is smooth.


I look up through the hazy pale air and see what appears to be a white wall,

it’s hanging high above me and I’m headed straight for it. 

The “what ifs” start to pace the room. 


I look down and through the hazy pale air, seeking a comfortable place to retreat to.

Surely I’ll hit the wall if I don’t.  

The “what ifs” start to speak up, panic erupts. 


I identify the places I could return to for safety but they are dark and heavy,

I didn’t like living there.

I like letting myself be carried, it feels light and free,

like I can be all that I am and become all I’m meant to become. 


But the wall. 

It could hurt me.

It could stop me.



What if it’s just an illusion?

What if it’s made of bricks?

What if it feels like a cloud?

What if it’s just a bubble to be popped… and I’m on the inside?


I am too curious to pull myself down and hide away now. 

Someone once told me it’s okay to take risks when you trust yourself. 


I release the resistance. I continue floating freely.

As the wall inches closer it becomes transparently iridescent. 

Through a thin film I see colors, I hear laughter, I see movement. 

I feel warmth radiating.

I feel peace begin to wrap me up,

and joy expands within.  

Something beautiful is happening over there…


My insides tell me that is my home.  

And I get it now.

There was nothing to be afraid of,

It was never a wall.  

It is just a bubble to be popped, after all. 



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