A collective of soulful stories and encouraging letters written to anchor women with big dreams into the joy

of today while inspiring tomorrow!


Throw Your Phone Across the Room

Hey Queen, There is a war happening all around us, a personal battle we're all fighting whether or not we realize it. Our devices have stolen our attention, our peace of mind, our values and ultimately - our lives. It's time to take our power back by creating more...

Sleeping With Your Face Off the Pillow

Hey queen, My hope today is for you to recognize your inherent beauty - not the kind curated in the mirror, but the kind that is reflected from your unique collective of memories. It is the kind that we feel more than we see. You are forever beautiful, let’s anchor...

Coming Home

Hey queen,  I hope this read inspires you to let go of all the blocks standing between you and the hobbies you long for. It’s time to choose you again, it’s time to come home.    Writing is how I come home to myself. When I feel drained and weary from the weight...