This program has been unbelievably life changing for me.

Michelle B.

It’s safe to say my life has changed for the better. My confidence, my nutrition, and my overall mindset did a complete 180 and I will always be grateful for Tanasia guiding me throughout this joutney. The accountability and motivation was unreal.

Kimmy T.

I have never had a coach work so hard with me to unravel bad habits. It’s so eye opening. It’s not easy by any means to know I’ve spent years with a horrible mindset that turned binge eating and going to the gym as punishment instead of out of a place of love.

I went on this journey “just wanting to lose weight” and come out of it with a whole new lifestyle and appreciation for my body. The slimmer waist doesn’t hurt either.

This program helped me jumpstart a transformation that I will forever be so grateful for! I was STUCK and my body wasn’t changing despite however many things I tried to lose weight. Tanasia KNOWS exactly what steps to take to change your body and your life. This is so much more than a workout program, It’s a lifestyle change.

Annie Campbell

The moment I started working with you, I immediately felt happier. I immediately felt freedom with food! My experience with you and your program has been life changing.

So incredibly happy I took a chance with Tanasia and I am only one week in! Money will come and go! I’m glad I decided to not let that keep me from you all!

I would cry some afternoons and wonder would workout twice a day most days and eat moderately healthy while allowing myself one cheat meal a week. The moment I started with you I immediately felt happier. The way you spoke about how well I was going to do and how much faith you had in me meant so much! I almost immediately started to see difference in my body and meantal health. I became more energized and excited for workouts. I needed to learn that I was over working my body and not providing enough nourishment.

Autumn B.

The ground work, boundaries, lifestyle changes that I have set for not only my physical health, but even more so, my mental health have been such game changes in the me that existed starting this program to the me that exists now. The support you will get, the depper questions you need to ask yourself in your fitness and mindset goals and the push at just the right times, Tanasia was there to talk it all throught and just be there for you.

Lily M.