As I shifted to entrepreneurship, I felt really lost and full of doubt. Having a coach to help guide me through these has been essential to my growth. 

Devyn McKee

I have a lot more clarity and self-awareness. She helps me realize things about myself I wouldn’t have figured out on my own in such a short amount of time. I look forward to our calls all week and am always wanting more of them!

I am learning consistency and self discipline. I am positive and have a better outlook on life. I am more decisive about taking leaps. I left a job I was miserable in for a job with a lot more money and freedom that I was scared to do on my own!

I feel soooooo motivated when I get off the phone because I finally figured out the answers I’ve been searching for my whole freaking life.

Our conversations make me feel empowered and like I can conquer anything and everything! I love how uplifting you are; because of you, I am becoming the woman I am meant to be and the woman I love seeing every morning!

Diane Rodriguez

Kari doesn’t sit there and tell me what to do, but rather give me the tools and skills to figure those things out on my own. She never makes me feel like I failed or disappointed her and reminds me that growth isn’t linear. It takes time and practice. I am not letting anyone down. Working with Kari may be the best money I have ever invested. I highly recommend.

Kamryn Giunta

I just want you to know our last session left such a good impact! I felt so much lighter and even my boyfriend noticed how my energy/mood shifted after our call vs before. Thank you for being the best coach!

I could have eventually, maybe, made all of my dreams come true without Kari’s life coaching, but doint it WITH her has allowed me to do it faster than I could have ever imagined, feel confident in doing so, and given me the support and accountability that I have lacked without her. This has helped me to realize that my dream of working for myself is not only possible, but well within my reach! With every session I feel like I am taking LEAPS towards this goal including increasing my income, more joy in my career, and less fear of what others think of me!

Katie Clarno

I have so much to thank Kari for: listing to me, guiding me and coaching me to the next phase of life are just a few. The tools and structure I’ve gained through these past months have been a tremendoues asset to a successful physical and mental lifestyle.

I’m grateful that I trusted the process and her professional advice to get me through this milestone that I will forever consider the best leap forward in my life!

Melinda Lloyd

I am so used to being self aware but since I started life coaching with you, I’ve been able to grow my awareness and take practical approaches and actions that I wasn’t able to do before. I feel like I can really understand where the awareness is coming from instead of just having the awareness which is what has been the most helpful in taking the action now.