Welcome to the Wolf Pack

by Apr 6, 2024Creativity, Entrepreneruship4 comments

Hey Queen,

I wrote this for you: the woman who is persistently beckoned by purpose, curiosity and freedom. I hope it leaves your soul feeling seen. <3 

The realm of female entrepreneurship in 2024 is a glorified display of adventure and fulfillment. The freedom, the uncapped income, the ability to change the world in your own special way is truly a glorious opportunity… and it is a complex, dimly lit pathway. Bold women go before us chiseling their pathways in the dark, some leaving behind light trails with intent to guide those who seem lost. Sometimes the lights help, but most times they distract curious trailblazers, tempting them to abandon their divine path for the ease of following instead. 

Whether we are on the climb or gazing from the bottom of the mountain with hesitation and yearning, we see dazzling women showing us what it looks like to “have it all” from the vantage point. They exclusively gather to celebrate the view, occasionally pointing back at the twists and turns where they felt lost in the wilderness, reflecting on the lessons in retrospect. Their social media broadcasts give us hope and vision, but they do not touch our sacred desire to feel seen and supported in where we are today, in the place where there is no grandiose view. 

These women only appear to know something we do not because we did not watch them climb. We weren’t there for the stumbles, the bruises, the hunger, the frigid nights, so we imagine they didn’t happen… but they did. We believe the lie that we are lost because we’re too busy gazing ahead to notice our own beautiful views and kismet signs from God… but they are all around us. 

You, my queen, are not lost. You are perfectly on path, and it’s a beautiful one. Trust, keep going, and know that you are already part of this pack of dazzling women because you were born into it. There is a party ready to celebrate you at the summit, and you cannot arrive late  because it never begins or ends; it continues on forever. 

If we are all going to make it through the dark nights to the summit party, we need more vulnerability. We need more brave women speaking to the darker side of humanity that shadows us every step of the perilous journey, often imposing on our intuition, self worth and authenticity. Don’t let it be misconstrued; we do not need women complaining and groaning from their own sinking sand holes, nor do we need someone else’s guiding light. We need ropes of truth, faith and belonging pulling one another out. We need cheerleaders behind, beside and ahead of us who feed our spirit until we are strong enough to crawl, walk, run

This is what we are here to do. 

I grew up selling lemonade and writing suggestion letters about graham crackers to Nabisco. I became self-employed at age 21 and knew that there was not another W2 in my future. I’ve pivoted industries three times within those seven years and my journey has been volatile, emotionally and financially. I am not yet out of the weeds. In fact, I don’t believe there will ever be a part of the climb with no weeds and all flowers because it all grows together as one. I don’t believe in shaming the weeds or dividing our lives into boxes.

I believe that we are each miraculous, whole beings whose lives are destined to become a joyful reflection of that in every moment – not just on the weekends or in the “someday when I get there” illusions. 

In the incoming pages of the Hey Queen blog, my hope is to anchor you into the joy of today while inspiring and expanding your dreams for tomorrow. I vow to display the full humanity of this journey as it unfolds, to take you with me as I stumble and leap so your stumbles and leaps have a safe space to exist and carry you forward. Here we will throw ropes and pull each other out of the sand. Here we will run together as the wild, limitless wolfpack we are. Here we will join the vantage point party simply because we will not wait to celebrate… we will be celebrating every single day of the climb, darkness and all. 


To initiate yourself into this dazzling pack, leave an encouraging comment below and don’t forget to subscribe below <3 


Cheers to life 

– Kari 



  1. Brenna

    The vantage point party!! Here we come. “Owww Owww Ouuuuuuuu” 🐺🐺🐺

    • Kari Meiser

      wouldn’t be a party without YOU BABY!!!

  2. Julianna Walker

    YASSSSSSS!!! Preach it from the rooftops! Thank you for creating this space, I can’t wait to read more. This is everything, and so beautifully written too. Kari, I’m so proud of you, jumping up and down with excitement and cheering you on! The world needs more of this.

    • Kari Meiser

      Ahhh Julianna you’re the best thank you so much!! I am SO happy you’re here with us!!!